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Chimney work in Exeter & East Devon

If you have a chimney that needs repairing or even completely replacing, contact Squires Roofing today and let us know your requirements.


We repair chimneys on all types of properties. Offering repair and chimney building services from   Chimney repointing, brickwork repair and much more.

Does your chimney need repairing?

Chimneys have to withstand a lot; changing weather conditions, frost and thaw cycles and condensation.


Completely open to the elements and most of the time above the roofline, chimneys take the full impact of the changing weather and the changes in temperature.

Roof and chimney replacement

If you live in a terraced or semi-detached property, we can match your new roof and chimney to blend in with the neighbouring properties.

Does your chimney need repairing? Call us today on:

01392 460 330

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